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In the space which separates; betwixt; as, New York is between Boston and Philadelphia.

  1. In or through the position or interval separating: between the trees; between 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock.
  2. Intermediate to, as in quantity, amount, or degree: It costs between 15 and 20 dollars.
  3. Usage Problem Connecting spatially: a railroad between the two cities.
  4. Usage Problem Associating or uniting in a reciprocal action or relationship: an agreement between workers and management; a certain resemblance between the two stories.
  5. In confidence restricted to: Between you and me, he is not qualified.
  6. By the combined effort or effect of: Between them they succeeded.
  7. In the combined ownership of: They had only a few dollars between them.
  8. As measured against. Often used to express a reciprocal relationship: choose between riding and walking.
  9. In an intermediate space, position, or time; in the interim.
  10. in between In an intermediate situation: My roommates disagreed and I was caught in between.
  11. in between times During an intervening period; in the meantime: has written several books and teaches in between times.

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× മദ്ധ്യത്തില്‍ - Maddhyaththil‍ | Madhyathil‍
× പരസ്പരം - Parasparam
× മദ്ധ്യേ - Maddhye | Madhye


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Joshua 22:34

The children of Reuben and the children of Gad called the altar, Witness, "For it is a witness between us that the LORD is God."

രൂബേന്യരും ഗാദ്യരും “യഹോവ തന്നേ ദൈവം എന്നതിന്നു ഇതു നമ്മുടെ മദ്ധ്യേ സാക്ഷി” എന്നു പറഞ്ഞു ആ യാഗപീ ത്തിന്നു ഏദ് എന്നു പേരിട്ടു.

Judges 9:23

God sent a spirit of ill will between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech,

ദൈവം അബീമേലെക്കിന്നും ശെഖേംപൌരന്മാർക്കും തമ്മിൽ ഛിദ്രബുദ്ധി വരുത്തി; ശെഖേംപൌരന്മാർ അബീമേലെക്കിനോടു ദ്രോഹം തുടങ്ങി;

Deuteronomy 33:12

Of Benjamin he said: "The beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by Him, Who shelters him all the day long; And he shall dwell between His shoulders."

ബെന്യാമിനെക്കുറിച്ചു അവൻ പറഞ്ഞതു: അവൻ യഹോവേക്കു പ്രിയൻ ; തത്സന്നിധിയിൽ നിർഭയം വസിക്കും; താൻ അവനെ എല്ലായ്പോഴും മറെച്ചുകൊള്ളുന്നു; അവന്റെ ഗിരികളുടെ മദ്ധ്യേ അധിവസിക്കുന്നു.


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