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An enrolling or registering.

  1. Compulsory enrollment, especially for the armed forces; draft.
  2. A monetary payment exacted by a government in wartime.

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;നിര്‍ബ്ബന്ധ സൈനികസേവനം - Nir‍bbandha Sainikasevanam ;പ്രജ്ഞ - Prajnja ;നിർബ്ബന്ധ യുദ്ധസേവനം - Nirbbandha Yuddhasevanam | Nirbbandha Yudhasevanam ;നിർബ്ബന്ധ സൈനികസേവനം - Nirbbandha Sainikasevanam ;നിര്‍ബ്ബന്ധ യുദ്ധസേവനം - Nir‍bbandha Yuddhasevanam | Nir‍bbandha Yudhasevanam ;

നിര്‍ബന്ധയുദ്ധസേവനം - Nir‍bandhayuddhasevanam | Nir‍bandhayudhasevanam ;നിര്‍ബന്ധസൈനികസേവനം - Nir‍bandhasainikasevanam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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