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Suitable; adapted; fit; corresponding; congruous; conformable; in accord or agreement; obedient; willing.

  1. One who communicates by means of letters.
  2. One employed by the print or broadcast media to supply news stories or articles: a foreign correspondent.
  3. One that has regular business dealings with another, especially at a distance.
  4. Something that corresponds; a correlative.
  5. Corresponding.

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× തക്ക - Thakka
× പത്രലേഖകൻ - Pathralekhakan
× സദൃശ്യമുളള - Sadhrushyamulala
× തക്കതായ - Thakkathaaya | Thakkathaya
× പത്രത്തിനോ മാസികയ്‌ക്കോ പതിവായി വാര്‍ത്താലേഖനങ്ങളെഴുതി അയക്കുന്നയാള്‍ - Pathraththino Maasikaykko Pathivaayi Vaar‍ththaalekhanangalezhuthi Ayakkunnayaal‍ | Pathrathino Masikaykko Pathivayi Var‍thalekhanangalezhuthi Ayakkunnayal‍
× തുല്യമായ - Thulyamaaya | Thulyamaya
× മറ്റൊരാള്‍ക്ക്‌ കത്തെഴുതുന്നവന്‍ - Mattoraal‍kku Kaththezhuthunnavan‍ | Mattoral‍kku Kathezhuthunnavan‍


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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