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The state or quality or being curious; nicety; accuracy; exactness; elaboration.

  1. A desire to know or learn.
  2. A desire to know about people or things that do not concern one; nosiness.
  3. An object that arouses interest, as by being novel or extraordinary: kept the carved bone and displayed it as a curiosity.
  4. A strange or odd aspect.
  5. Archaic Fastidiousness.

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കൗതുകവസ്‌തു - Kauthukavasthu | Kouthukavasthu ;ഔത്സുക്യം - Authsukyam | outhsukyam ;ജിജ്ഞാസ - Jijnjaasa | Jijnjasa ;കൗതുകം - Kauthukam | Kouthukam ;അറിയാനുള്ള ആഗ്രഹം - Ariyaanulla Aagraham | Ariyanulla agraham ;താല്‍പര്യാതിശയം - Thaal‍paryaathishayam | Thal‍paryathishayam ;

അപൂര്‍വത - Apoor‍vatha ;ജിജ്ഞാസ - ജിജ്ഞാസ ;ഔല്‍സുക്യം - Aul‍sukyam | oul‍sukyam ;അറിയാനുളള ആഗ്രഹം - Ariyaanulala Aagraham | Ariyanulala agraham ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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