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A short, heavy, curving sword, used in the navy. See Curtal ax.

  1. A short heavy sword with a curved single-edged blade, once used as a weapon by sailors.
  2. Caribbean A machete.

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;ചെറുവാൾ - Cheruvaal | Cheruval ;വീതിയുള്ള ചെറിയ വാള്‍ - Veethiyulla Cheriya Vaal‍ | Veethiyulla Cheriya Val‍ ;ചെറുവാള്‍ - Cheruvaal‍ | Cheruval‍ ;വീതിയുള്ള ചെറിയ വാൾ - Veethiyulla Cheriya Vaal | Veethiyulla Cheriya Val ;ചെറുവീതിയുള്ള കത്തി - Cheruveethiyulla Kaththi | Cheruveethiyulla Kathi ;

കഠാരി - Kadaari | Kadari ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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