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To get away from by artifice; to avoid by dexterity, subterfuge, address, or ingenuity; to elude; to escape from cleverly; as, to evade a blow, a pursuer, a punishment; to evade the force of an argument.

  1. To escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit: evade arrest.
  2. To avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing: evade responsibility. See Synonyms at escape.
  3. To fail to make payment of (taxes).
  4. To avoid giving a direct answer to.
  5. To baffle or elude: The accident evades explanation.
  6. To practice evasion.
  7. To use cleverness or deceit in avoiding or escaping.

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× തന്ത്രപൂർവ്വം മാറിക്കളയുക - Thanthrapoorvvam Maarikkalayuka | Thanthrapoorvvam Marikkalayuka
× തന്ത്രപൂര്‍വ്വം മാറിക്കളയുക - Thanthrapoor‍vvam Maarikkalayuka | Thanthrapoor‍vvam Marikkalayuka
× വഴുതുക - Vazhuthuka
× വക്രാക്തി പ്രയോഗിക്കുക - Vakraakthi Prayogikkuka | Vakrakthi Prayogikkuka
× കഴമ്പുക - Kazhampuka
× ചെയ്യാതെ കഴിക്കുക - Cheyyaathe Kazhikkuka | Cheyyathe Kazhikkuka
× ഒഴിഞ്ഞുമാറുക - Ozhinjumaaruka | Ozhinjumaruka
× മറുപടി പറയാതൊഴിയുക - Marupadi Parayaathozhiyuka | Marupadi Parayathozhiyuka
× മറുപടിപറയാതൊഴിയുക - Marupadiparayaathozhiyuka | Marupadiparayathozhiyuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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