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A hump; a protuberance.

  1. An intuitive feeling or a premonition: had a hunch that he would lose.
  2. A hump.
  3. A lump or chunk: "She . . . cut herself another hunch of bread” ( Virginia Woolf).
  4. A push or shove.
  5. To bend or draw up into a hump: I hunched my shoulders against the wind.
  6. To push or shove.
  7. To assume a crouched or cramped posture: The cat hunched in a corner.
  8. To thrust oneself forward.

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× പുറത്തുള്ള മുഴ - Puraththulla Muzha | Purathulla Muzha
× ഊഹം - Ooham
× ഭൂതോദയം - Bhoothodhayam
× കൂന്‍ - Koon‍
× കൂന് - Koonu


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