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A nervous affection, occurring almost exclusively in women, in which the emotional and reflex excitability is exaggerated, and the will power correspondingly diminished, so that the patient loses control over the emotions, becomes the victim of imaginary sensations, and often falls into paroxism or fits.

  1. Behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic.
  2. A mental disorder characterized by emotional excitability and sometimes by amnesia or a physical deficit, such as paralysis, or a sensory deficit, without an organic cause.

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മോഹാലസ്യം - Mohaalasyam | Mohalasyam ;മോഹാലസ്യം - Mohaalasyam | Mohalasyam ;അപസ്മാരം - Apasmaaram | Apasmaram ;ഉന്മാദം - Unmaadham | Unmadham ;വാതോന്‍മാദം - Vaathon‍maadham | Vathon‍madham ;ഉന്മാദാവസ്ഥ - Unmaadhaavastha | Unmadhavastha ;

ഹര്‍ഷം - Har‍sham ;അപസ്‌മാരം - Apasmaaram | Apasmaram ;ഗര്‍ഷം - Gar‍sham ;ഹർഷോന്മൂർച്ഛ - Harshonmoorchcha ;സ്‌ത്രീകള്‍ക്കുണ്ടാകുന്ന അപസ്‌മാരം - Sthreekal‍kkundaakunna Apasmaaram | Sthreekal‍kkundakunna Apasmaram ;മൂര്‍ച്ഛ - Moor‍chcha ;ഹര്‍ഷോന്മൂര്‍ച്ഛ - Har‍shonmoor‍chcha ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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