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A frequent recurrence of the same tone or sound, producing a dull uniformity; absence of variety, as in speaking or singing.

  1. Uniformity or lack of variation in pitch, intonation, or inflection.
  2. Tedious sameness or repetitiousness: the monotony of daily routine.

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ഏകതാനത - Ekathaanatha | Ekathanatha ;വിരസത - Virasatha ;ഒരേ രീതി - Ore Reethi ;ഏകസ്വരത - Ekasvaratha | Ekaswaratha ;ഏകസ്വരം - Ekasvaram | Ekaswaram ;വൈരസ്യം - Vairasyam ;

ഏകതാളം - Ekathaalam | Ekathalam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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