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The process of petrifying, or changing into stone; conversion of any organic matter (animal or vegetable) into stone, or a substance of stony hardness.

  1. A process of fossilization in which dissolved minerals replace organic matter.
  2. The state of being stunned or paralyzed with fear.

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× ശിലയാകല്‍ - Shilayaakal‍ | Shilayakal‍
× അന്യായം - Anyaayam | Anyayam
× നിവേദനം - Nivedhanam
× കല്ലിച്ച സാധനം - Kallicha Saadhanam | Kallicha Sadhanam
× ശിലയാകൽ - Shilayaakal | Shilayakal


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