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A tangent line curve, or surface; specifically, that portion of the straight line tangent to a curve that is between the point of tangency and a given line, the given line being, for example, the axis of abscissas, or a radius of a circle produced. See Trigonometrical function, under Function.

  1. Making contact at a single point or along a line; touching but not intersecting.
  2. Irrelevant.
  3. A line, curve, or surface meeting another line, curve, or surface at a common point and sharing a common tangent line or tangent plane at that point.
  4. Mathematics The trigonometric function of an acute angle in a right triangle that is the ratio of the length of the side opposite the angle to the length of the side adjacent to the angle.
  5. A sudden digression or change of course: went off on a tangent during the courtroom argument.
  6. Music An upright pin in a keyboard instrument, especially in a clavichord, that rises to sound a string when a key is depressed and stops the string at a preset length to set the pitch.

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× സംപാതം - Sampaatham | Sampatham
× വൃത്തപരിധിയെയോ ഖണ്‌ഡത്തെയോ മുറിക്കാതെ സ്‌പര്‍ശിച്ചു കടന്നുപോകുന്ന ഋജുരേഖ - Vruththaparidhiyeyo Khandaththeyo Murikkaathe Spar‍shichu Kadannupokunna Rujurekha | Vruthaparidhiyeyo Khandatheyo Murikkathe Spar‍shichu Kadannupokunna Rujurekha
× സ്പർശരേഖ - Sparsharekha


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