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See Voodooism.

  1. A religion practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries, especially Haiti, syncretized from Roman Catholic ritual elements and the animism and magic of slaves from West Africa, in which a supreme God rules a large pantheon of local and tutelary deities, deified ancestors, and saints, who communicate with believers in dreams, trances, and ritual possessions. Also called vodoun.
  2. A charm, fetish, spell, or curse holding magic power for adherents of voodoo.
  3. A practitioner, priest, or priestess of voodoo.
  4. Deceptive or delusive nonsense.
  5. To place under the influence of a spell or curse; bewitch.
  6. Of or relating to the beliefs or practices of voodoo.
  7. Based on unrealistic or delusive assumptions: voodoo economics.

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× ആഭിചാരപ്രയോഗങ്ങള്‍ - Aabhichaaraprayogangal‍ | abhicharaprayogangal‍
× മന്ത്രതന്ത്രാദികള്‍ - Manthrathanthraadhikal‍ | Manthrathanthradhikal‍
× സ്വമേധയാ - Svamedhayaa | swamedhaya
× ആഭിചാരപ്രയോഗങ്ങൾ - Aabhichaaraprayogangal | abhicharaprayogangal


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