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The hoopoe.

  1. A loud cry of exultation or excitement.
  2. A shout uttered by a hunter or warrior.
  3. A hooting cry, as of a bird.
  4. The paroxysmal gasp characteristic of whooping cough.
  5. To utter a loud shout or cry. See Synonyms at shout.
  6. To utter a hooting cry.
  7. To make the paroxysmal gasp characteristic of whooping cough.
  8. To utter with a whoop.
  9. To chase, call, urge on, or drive with a whoop: whooping the cattle down the road.
  10. whoop it up Slang To have a jolly, noisy celebration.
  11. whoop it up Slang To express or arouse enthusiasm; cheer: conventioneers whooping it up for their candidate.

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മുഴുവനും - Muzhuvanum ;വില്ലൻ ചുമ - Villan Chuma ;ഘോഷിച്ചാര്‍ക്കുക - Ghoshichaar‍kkuka | Ghoshichar‍kkuka ;ആഘോഷം - Aaghosham | aghosham ;ഘോഷിച്ചാര്‍ക്കുക - Ghoshichaar‍kkuka | Ghoshichar‍kkuka ;മൊത്തം - Moththam | Motham ;

ആർപ്പുവിളി - Aarppuvili | arppuvili ;ഘോഷണം - Ghoshanam ;ആര്‍പ്പുവിളിക്കുക - Aar‍ppuvilikkuka | ar‍ppuvilikkuka ;വില്ലൻചുമ - Villanchuma ;ആഘോഷം - Aaghosham | aghosham ;കൂകുക - Kookuka ;വില്ലിച്ചുമ - Villichuma ;ആര്‍പ്പുവിളി - Aar‍ppuvili | ar‍ppuvili ;ഘോഷണം - Ghoshanam ;ഘോഷിച്ചാർക്കുക - Ghoshichaarkkuka | Ghoshicharkkuka ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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