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The act of setting apart or assigning to a particular use or person, or of taking to one's self, in exclusion of all others; application to a special use or purpose, as of a piece of ground for a park, or of money to carry out some object.

  1. The act of appropriating.
  2. Something appropriated, especially public funds set aside for a specific purpose.
  3. A legislative act authorizing the expenditure of a designated amount of public funds for a specific purpose.

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ഉപയോഗം - Upayogam ;വിനിയോഗം - Viniyogam ;അപഹരണം - Apaharanam ;സ്വന്തമാക്കല്‍ - Svanthamaakkal‍ | swanthamakkal‍ ;അനുവദിച്ച തുക - Anuvadhicha Thuka ;വിനിയോഗിക്കല്‍ - Viniyogikkal‍ ;

വിനിയോഗിക്കല്‍ - Viniyogikkal‍ ;കൈവശപ്പെടുത്തല്‍ - Kaivashappeduththal‍ | Kaivashappeduthal‍ ;സ്വാധീനപ്പെടുത്തല്‍ - Svaadheenappeduththal‍ | swadheenappeduthal‍ ;പണവും മറ്റും പ്രത്യേകം മാറ്റിവെക്കല്‍ - Panavum Mattum Prathyekam Maattivekkal‍ | Panavum Mattum Prathyekam Mattivekkal‍ ;വിനിയോഗം - Viniyogam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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