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That which injures or causes damage; mischief; harm; diminution; loss; damage; -- used very generically; as, detriments to property, religion, morals, etc.

  1. Damage, harm, or loss: took a long leave of absence without detriment to her career. See Synonyms at disadvantage.
  2. Something that causes damage, harm, or loss: Smoking is now considered a detriment to good health.

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അനിഷ്‌ടം - Anishdam ;വിരോധം - Virodham ;കോട്ടം - Kottam ;കോട്ടം - Kottam ;അനിഷ്ടം - Anishdam ;ഹാനി - Haani | Hani ;

ഊനം - Oonam ;കേട് - Kedu ;ചേതം - Chetham ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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