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Flowering, or state of flowering; the blooming of flowers; blowth.

  1. Botany A state or time of flowering; anthesis.
  2. A gradual process of unfolding or developing.
  3. The highest point; the culmination. See Synonyms at bloom1.
  4. Chemistry The deposit that results from the process of efflorescing. Also called bloom1.
  5. Chemistry The process of efflorescing.
  6. Chemistry A growth of salt crystals on a surface caused by evaporation of salt-laden water.
  7. Pathology Redness, a rash, or an eruption on the skin.

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× കാര്യക്ഷമത - Kaaryakshamatha | Karyakshamatha
× കാറ്റിൽവെച്ചതുകൊണ്ടു പൊടിയുക - Kaattilvechathukondu Podiyuka | Kattilvechathukondu Podiyuka


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