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To become suddenly expanded into a great volume of gas or vapor; to burst violently into flame; as, gunpowder explodes.

  1. To release mechanical, chemical, or nuclear energy by the sudden production of gases in a confined space: The bomb exploded.
  2. To burst violently as a result of internal pressure.
  3. To shatter with a loud noise: The vase exploded into tiny pieces when it hit the floor.
  4. To make an emotional outburst: My neighbor exploded in rage at the trespassers.
  5. To increase suddenly, sharply, and without control: The population level in this area has exploded during the past 12 years.
  6. To change state or appearance suddenly: Over the weekend the trees exploded with color.
  7. Sports To hit a golf ball out of a sand trap with a shot that scatters the sand.
  8. To cause to release energy or burst violently and noisily: The children exploded three firecrackers.
  9. To show to be false or unreliable: explode a hypothesis.
  10. Sports To hit (a golf ball) out of a sand trap with an explosive shot.

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× പൊട്ടിത്തെറിക്കുക - Pottiththerikkuka | Pottitherikkuka
× അപകീര്‍ത്തിക്കു കാരണമാക്കുക - Apakeer‍ththikku Kaaranamaakkuka | Apakeer‍thikku Karanamakkuka
× പൊട്ടത്തെറിക്കുക - Pottaththerikkuka | Pottatherikkuka
× പൊട്ടിത്തെറിക്കുക - Pottiththerikkuka | Pottitherikkuka


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