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To shake or shiver as with cold; as, the hawk frills.

  1. A ruffled, gathered, or pleated border or projection, such as a fabric edge used to trim clothing or a curled paper strip for decorating the end of the bone of a piece of meat.
  2. A ruff of hair or feathers about the neck of an animal or a bird.
  3. A wrinkling of the edge of a photographic film.
  4. Informal Something that is desirable but not a necessity; a luxury. See Synonyms at luxury.
  5. To make into a ruffle or frill.
  6. To add a ruffle or frill to.
  7. To become wrinkled along the edge.

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× തണുത്ത - Thanuththa | Thanutha
× പക്ഷിമൃഗാദികളുടെ കുഞ്ചം - Pakshimrugaadhikalude Kuncham | Pakshimrugadhikalude Kuncham
× ഭാവം - Bhaavam | Bhavam
× ഞൊറി - Njori
× ചുരുൾ - Churul


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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