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The act of illustrating; the act of making clear and distinct; education; also, the state of being illustrated, or of being made clear and distinct.

  1. The act of clarifying or explaining.
  2. The state of being clarified or explained.
  3. Material used to clarify or explain. See Synonyms at example.
  4. Visual matter used to clarify or decorate a text.
  5. Obsolete Illumination.

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× ദൃഷ്ടാന്തം - Dhrushdaantham | Dhrushdantham
× ഉദാഹരണം - Udhaaharanam | Udhaharanam
× പ്രകാശനം - Prakaashanam | Prakashanam
× വിശദീകരണം - Vishadheekaranam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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