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That part of a human being or quadruped, which extends on either side of the spinal column between the hip bone and the false ribs. In human beings the loins are also called the reins. See Illust. of Beef.

  1. The part of the body of a human or quadruped on either side of the backbone and between the ribs and hips.
  2. One of several cuts of meat, such as tenderloin, taken from this part of an animal's body, typically including the vertebrae of the segment from which it is taken.
  3. The region of the hips, groin, and lower abdomen.
  4. The reproductive organs.

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× വ്യാഘ്രം - Vyaaghram | Vyaghram
× മനുഷ്യലൈംഗികഭാഗം - Manushyalaimgikabhaagam | Manushyalaimgikabhagam
× ജഘനം - Jaghanam


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