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An assembly of persons wearing masks, and amusing themselves with dancing, conversation, or other diversions.

  1. A costume party at which masks are worn; a masked ball. Also called masque.
  2. A costume for such a party or ball.
  3. A disguise or false outward show; a pretense: a masquerade of humility.
  4. An involved scheme; a charade.
  5. To wear a mask or disguise, as at a masquerade: She masqueraded as a shepherd.
  6. To go about as if in disguise; have or put on a deceptive appearance: The stowaway masqueraded as a crew member.

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× കപടപ്രകടനം - Kapadaprakadanam
× മുഖംമൂടികള്‍ ധരിച്ചുകൊണ്ടുള്ള സമൂഹനൃത്തം,കപട പ്രകടനം - Mukhammoodikal‍ Dharichukondulla Samoohanruththam,kapada Prakadanam | Mukhammoodikal‍ Dharichukondulla Samoohanrutham,kapada Prakadanam
× വേഷപ്രച്ഛന്നാഭിനയം - Veshaprachchannaabhinayam | Veshaprachchannabhinayam
× മുഖംമൂടികള്‍ ധരിച്ചുകൊണ്ടുള്ള സമൂഹനൃത്തം - Mukhammoodikal‍ Dharichukondulla Samoohanruththam | Mukhammoodikal‍ Dharichukondulla Samoohanrutham
× മറ - Mara
× വ്യാജവേഷം - Vyaajavesham | Vyajavesham


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