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The sliding weight on a steelyard.

  1. A member of the pea family.
  2. A Eurasian climbing annual vine (Pisum sativum) cultivated in all temperate zones, having compound leaves with terminal leaflets modified into tendrils and globose, edible seeds enclosed in a green, elongated pod.
  3. The seed of this plant, used as a vegetable.
  4. The unopened pods of this plant.
  5. Any of several plants of the genus Lathyrus, such as the sweet pea or the beach pea.

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× പയര്‍ - Payar‍
× പട്ടാണിപ്പയറ് - Pattaanippayaru | Pattanippayaru
× കാകി - Kaaki | Kaki
× പയർ - Payar
× പട്ടാണിപ്പയര്‍ - Pattaanippayar‍ | Pattanippayar‍


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