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A thickening of the epidermis at some point, esp. on the toes, by friction or pressure. It is usually painful and troublesome.

  1. Any of numerous cultivated forms of a widely grown, usually tall annual cereal grass (Zea mays) bearing grains or kernels on large ears.
  2. The grains or kernels of this plant, used as food for humans and livestock or for the extraction of an edible oil or starch. Also called Indian corn, maize.
  3. An ear of this plant.
  4. Chiefly British Any of various cereal plants or grains, especially the principal crop cultivated in a particular region, such as wheat in England or oats in Scotland.
  5. A single grain of a cereal plant.
  6. A seed or fruit of various other plants, such as a peppercorn.
  7. Corn snow.
  8. Informal Corn whiskey.
  9. Slang Something considered trite, dated, melodramatic, or unduly sentimental.
  10. To cause to form hard particles; granulate.
  11. To season and preserve with granulated salt.
  12. To preserve (beef, for example) in brine.
  13. To feed (animals) with corn or grain.
  14. To form hard particles; become grainy: "After the snow melts all day, it corns up at night for fine conditions” ( Hatfield Valley Advocate).
  15. A horny thickening of the skin, usually on or near a toe, resulting from pressure or friction. Also called clavus.

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× ആണി - Aani | ani
× വിത്ത്‌ - Viththu | Vithu
× ചോളം - Cholam
× ഉറപ്പുള്ള വിത്ത്മുഴ - Urappulla Viththmuzha | Urappulla Vithmuzha
× ധാന്യം - Dhaanyam | Dhanyam
× ചോളം - Cholam
× കാലിലെ മുഴ - Kaalile Muzha | Kalile Muzha
× ധാന്യമണി - Dhaanyamani | Dhanyamani
× ആദിയായവയുടെ മണി - Aadhiyaayavayude Mani | adhiyayavayude Mani
× കാലിലെ ആണി - Kaalile Aani | Kalile ani
× മുഴ - Muzha


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