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An edible fungus (Agaricus campestris), having a white stalk which bears a convex or oven flattish expanded portion called the pileus. This is whitish and silky or somewhat scaly above, and bears on the under side radiating gills which are at first flesh-colored, but gradually become brown. The plant grows in rich pastures and is proverbial for rapidity of growth and shortness of duration. It has a pleasant smell, and is largely used as food. It is also cultivated from spawn.

  1. Any of various fleshy fungi of the class Basidiomycota, characteristically having an umbrella-shaped cap borne on a stalk, especially any of the edible kinds, as those of the genus Agaricus.
  2. Something shaped like one of these fungi.
  3. To multiply, grow, or expand rapidly: The population mushroomed in the postwar decades.
  4. To swell or spread out into a shape similar to a mushroom.
  5. Relating to, consisting of, or containing mushrooms: mushroom sauce.
  6. Resembling mushrooms in rapidity of growth or evanescence: mushroom towns.

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× കവകം - Kavakam
× ഛത്ര - Chathra
× നായ്ക്കുട - Naaykkuda | Naykkuda
× ഭൂച്ഛത്രം - Bhoochchathram
× കൂണ് - Koonu
× ഛത്രം - Chathram
× ദിലീരം - Dhileeram
× പടോടജം - Padodajam
× കൂണ്‍ - Koon‍
× കബകം - Kabakam
× അല്പനാളിൽ വലിയ സ്ഥിതി പ്രാപിച്ചവൻ - Alpanaalil Valiya Sthithi Praapichavan | Alpanalil Valiya Sthithi Prapichavan
× ഗോളാസം - Golaasam | Golasam
× അല്പനാളില്‍ വലിയ സ്ഥിതി പ്രാപിച്ചവന്‍ - Alpanaalil‍ Valiya Sthithi Praapichavan‍ | Alpanalil‍ Valiya Sthithi Prapichavan‍
× പെട്ടെന്നു കേമനായവന്‍ - Pettennu Kemanaayavan‍ | Pettennu Kemanayavan‍
× അഭീര - Abheera


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