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One who shuts or closes.

  1. One that shuts, as:
  2. A hinged cover or screen for a window, usually fitted with louvers.
  3. A mechanical device of a camera that controls the duration of a photographic exposure, as by opening and closing to allow light coming through the lens to expose a plate or film.
  4. Music The movable louvers on a pipe organ, controlled by pedals, that open and close the swell box.
  5. To furnish or close with shutters: locked the doors and shuttered the windows.
  6. To cause to cease operations; close down: shuttered the store for the holiday.

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× ഷട്ടര്‍ - Shattar‍
× കതക്‌ - Kathaku
× പൊക്കുകയും താഴ്‌ത്തുകയും ചെയ്യാവുന്ന വാതില്‍ - Pokkukayum Thaazhththukayum Cheyyaavunna Vaathil‍ | Pokkukayum Thazhthukayum Cheyyavunna Vathil‍
× ജനവാതില്‍പ്പലക - Janavaathil‍ppalaka | Janavathil‍ppalaka
× കതക് - Kathaku
× ജാലകവാതില്‍ - Jaalakavaathil‍ | Jalakavathil‍


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