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A shaft or missile intended to be shot from a crossbow or catapult, esp. a short, stout, blunt-headed arrow; a quarrel; an arrow, or that which resembles an arrow; a dart.

  1. A bar made of wood or metal that slides into a socket and is used to fasten doors and gates.
  2. A metal bar or rod in the mechanism of a lock that is thrown or withdrawn by turning the key.
  3. A fastener consisting of a threaded pin or rod with a head at one end, designed to be inserted through holes in assembled parts and secured by a mated nut that is tightened by applying torque.
  4. A sliding metal bar that positions the cartridge in breechloading rifles, closes the breech, and ejects the spent cartridge.
  5. A similar device in any breech mechanism.
  6. A short, heavy arrow with a thick head, used especially with a crossbow.
  7. A flash of lightning; a thunderbolt.
  8. A sudden or unexpected event: The announcement was a veritable bolt.
  9. A sudden movement toward or away.
  10. A large roll of cloth of a definite length, especially as it comes from the loom.
  11. To secure or lock with or as if with a bolt.
  12. To arrange or roll (lengths of cloth, for example) on or in a bolt.
  13. To eat (food) hurriedly and with little chewing; gulp.
  14. To desert or withdraw support from (a political party).
  15. To utter impulsively; blurt.
  16. Archaic To shoot or discharge (a missile, such as an arrow).
  17. To move or spring suddenly.
  18. To start suddenly and run away: The horse bolted at the sound of the shot. The frightened child bolted from the room.
  19. To break away from an affiliation, as from a political party.
  20. Botany To flower or produce seeds prematurely or develop a flowering stem from a rosette.
  21. bolt from the blue A sudden, shocking surprise or turn of events.
  22. bolt upright In a rigidly vertical position: sat bolt upright.
  23. To pass (flour, for example) through a sieve.

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× തഴു - Thazhu
× സൂക്ഷ്‌മാന്വോഷണം - Sookshmaanvoshanam | Sookshmanvoshanam
× ഏറുതാഴ് - Eruthaazhu | Eruthazhu
× സൂക്ഷ്‌മാന്വേഷണം നടത്തുക - Sookshmaanveshanam Nadaththuka | Sookshmanveshanam Nadathuka
× ഓട്ടുതാഴ് - Ottuthaazhu | Ottuthazhu
× ദ്വാരപിധാനം - Dhvaarapidhaanam | Dhvarapidhanam
× ഓടാന്പല്‍ - Odaanpal‍ | Odanpal‍
× ഇടിത്തീ - Idiththee | Idithee
× ദ്വാരയന്ത്രം - Dhvaarayanthram | Dhvarayanthram
× ഓടാമ്പല്‍ - Odaampal‍ | Odampal‍
× അപലം - Apalam
× ആപ്പ് - Aappu | appu
× കുതിച്ചുചാട്ടം - Kuthichuchaattam | Kuthichuchattam
× തഴുതിടുക - Thazhuthiduka
× അച്ചാണി - Achaani | Achani
× സാക്ഷ - Saaksha | Saksha
× തഴുത് - Thazhuthu
× ഓടാമ്പൽ - Odaampal | Odampal


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

2 Samuel 13:17

Then he called his servant who attended him, and said, "Here! Put this woman out, away from me, and bolt the door behind her."

അവൻ തനിക്കു ശുശ്രൂഷചെയ്യുന്ന ബാല്യക്കാരനെ വിളിച്ചു അവനോടു: ഇവളെ ഇവിടെനിന്നു പുറത്താക്കി വാതിൽ അടെച്ചുകളക എന്നു പറഞ്ഞു.


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