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A little tower, frequently a merely ornamental structure at one of the angles of a larger structure.

  1. A small tower or tower-shaped projection on a building.
  2. A low, heavily armored structure, usually rotating horizontally, containing mounted guns and their gunners or crew, as on a warship or tank.
  3. A domelike gunner's enclosure projecting from the fuselage of a combat aircraft.
  4. A tall wooden structure mounted on wheels and used in ancient warfare by besiegers to scale the walls of an enemy fortress.
  5. An attachment for a lathe consisting of a rotating cylindrical block holding various cutting tools.
  6. A rotating device holding various lenses, as for a microscope, allowing easy switching from one lens to another.

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× പ്രാസാദശൃംഗം - Praasaadhashrumgam | Prasadhashrumgam
× പ്രാസാദശൃഖം - Praasaadhashrukham | Prasadhashrukham
× താഴികക്കുടം - Thaazhikakkudam | Thazhikakkudam
× യുദ്ധക്കപ്പലില്‍ കറക്കത്തോക്കോ പീരങ്കിയോ വച്ചു പിടിപ്പിക്കാനുള്ള പാത്തി - Yuddhakkappalil‍ Karakkaththokko Peerankiyo Vachu Pidippikkaanulla Paaththi | Yudhakkappalil‍ Karakkathokko Peerankiyo Vachu Pidippikkanulla Pathi
× ചൂളിക - Choolika


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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