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The act of rubbing the surface of one body against that of another; attrition; in hygiene, the act of rubbing the body with the hand, with flannel, or with a brush etc., to excite the skin to healthy action.

  1. The rubbing of one object or surface against another.
  2. Conflict, as between persons having dissimilar ideas or interests; clash.
  3. Physics A force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact.

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ഘർഷണം - Gharshanam ;ഉരയല്‍ - Urayal‍ ;പീഡിപ്പിക്കുക - Peedippikkuka ;അഭിപ്രായ സംഘട്ടനം - Abhipraaya Samghattanam | Abhipraya Samghattanam ;ഘര്‍ഷം - Ghar‍sham ;സംഘര്‍ഷണം - Samghar‍shanam ;

സംഘട്ടനം - Samghattanam ;ഘര്‍ഷണം - Ghar‍shanam ;ആഘര്‍ഷണം - Aaghar‍shanam | aghar‍shanam ;ഉരസല്‍ - Urasal‍ ;തര്‍ക്കം - Thar‍kkam ;സംഘര്‍ഷം - Samghar‍sham ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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