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The cheek; the jaw.

  1. The jaw, especially the lower jaw.
  2. The cheek.
  3. The flesh under the lower jaw, especially when plump or flaccid.
  4. A fleshy part similar to a jowl, such as the dewlap of a cow or the wattle of a fowl.

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കീഴിതാടിയെല്ല്‌ - Keezhithaadiyellu | Keezhithadiyellu ;സന്തോഷമുള്ള - Santhoshamulla ;രസികനായ - Rasikanaaya | Rasikanaya ;ഗണ്ഡം - Gandam ;കവിള്‍ - Kavil‍ ;കരണം - Karanam ;

ഗണ്‌ഡം - Gandam ;കീഴ്താടിയെല്ല് - Keezhthaadiyellu | Keezhthadiyellu ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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