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In bad taste; grotesque; odd.

  1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a style in art and architecture developed in Europe from the early 17th to mid-18th century, emphasizing dramatic, often strained effect and typified by bold, curving forms, elaborate ornamentation, and overall balance of disparate parts.
  2. Music Of, relating to, or characteristic of a style of composition that flourished in Europe from about 1600 to 1750, marked by expressive dissonance and elaborate ornamentation.
  3. Extravagant, complex, or bizarre, especially in ornamentation: "the baroque, encoded language of post-structural legal and literary theory” ( Wendy Kaminer).
  4. Irregular in shape: baroque pearls.
  5. The baroque style or period in art, architecture, or music.

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× വിചിത്രമോവികൃതമോ ആയി അലങ്കാരപ്പണി ചെയ്ത - Vichithramovikruthamo Aayi Alankaarappani Cheytha | Vichithramovikruthamo ayi Alankarappani Cheytha
× പ്രഭു - Prabhu
× അലങ്കാരമേദുരമായ - Alankaaramedhuramaaya | Alankaramedhuramaya
× വിചിത്രമോ വികൃതമോ ആയി അലങ്കാരപ്പണി ചെയ്‌ത - Vichithramo Vikruthamo Aayi Alankaarappani Cheytha | Vichithramo Vikruthamo ayi Alankarappani Cheytha
× അലങ്കാരമേദുരമാ - Alankaaramedhuramaa | Alankaramedhurama


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