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A heavy woven or felted fabric, usually of wool, but also of cotton, hemp, straw, etc.; esp. a floor covering made in breadths to be sewed together and nailed to the floor, as distinguished from a rug or mat; originally, also, a wrought cover for tables.

  1. A thick heavy covering for a floor, usually made of woven wool or synthetic fibers; a rug.
  2. The fabric used for this floor covering.
  3. A surface or surface covering that is similar to a rug: a carpet of leaves and pine needles on the forest floor.
  4. To cover with or as if with a carpet: carpet the stairs; snow that carpeted the sidewalks.
  5. on the carpet In a position of being reprimanded by one in authority: was called on the carpet for cheating.
  6. on the carpet Under discussion or consideration: Several important matters will be on the carpet at today's meeting.

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× കയറ്റുപായ്‌ - Kayattupaayu | Kayattupayu
× കയറ്റുപായ് - Kayattupaayu | Kayattupayu
× പരവതാനി - Paravathaani | Paravathani
× കന്പളം - Kanpalam
× ആസ്തരം - Aastharam | astharam
× പരവതാനിയിടുക - Paravathaaniyiduka | Paravathaniyiduka
× കമ്പളം - Kampalam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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