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The basinlike opening or mouth of a volcano, through which the chief eruption comes; similarly, the mouth of a geyser, about which a cone of silica is often built up.

  1. A bowl-shaped depression at the mouth of a volcano or geyser.
  2. A bowl-shaped depression in a surface made by an explosion or the impact of a body, such as a meteoroid.
  3. A pit; a hollow.
  4. Variant of krater.
  5. To make craters in: "The missiles did not . . . crater the airfield” ( Tom Clancy).
  6. To form a crater or craters.
  7. Slang To fall and crash violently from a great height.
  8. Slang To fail utterly: "talked about how tough times were in Texas since the oil business cratered” ( Stephen Coonts).

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× ജ്വാലാഗിരിമുഖം - Jvaalaagirimukham | Jvalagirimukham
× ഗുഹാമുഖം - Guhaamukham | Guhamukham
× വിസ്‌ഫോടനം മൂലം ഭൂമിയിലുണ്ടാകുന്ന വിള്ളല്‍ - Visphodanam Moolam Bhoomiyilundaakunna Villal‍ | Visphodanam Moolam Bhoomiyilundakunna Villal‍
× കുഴി - Kuzhi


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