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The back, or top of the back; a crest.

  1. A long, narrow upper section or crest: the ridge of a wave.
  2. A long, narrow chain of hills or mountains. Also called ridgeline.
  3. A long, narrow elevation on the ocean floor.
  4. Meteorology An elongated zone of relatively high atmospheric pressure. Also called wedge.
  5. A long, narrow, or crested part of the body: the ridge of the nose.
  6. The horizontal line formed by the juncture of two sloping planes, especially the line formed by the surfaces at the top of a roof.
  7. A narrow, raised strip, as in cloth or on plowed ground.
  8. To mark with, form into, or provide with ridges.
  9. To form ridges.

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× മുകള്‍ - Mukal‍
× സേതു - Sethu
× കുന്നു പ്രദേശമായ - Kunnu Pradheshamaaya | Kunnu Pradheshamaya
× തിട്ട - Thitta
× പർവ്വതശിഖരം - Parvvathashikharam
× പര്‍വ്വത ശിഖരം - Par‍vvatha Shikharam
× കുന്നാക്കിമാറ്റുക - Kunnaakkimaattuka | Kunnakkimattuka


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