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One of the large feathers of a bird's wing, or one of the rectrices of the tail; also, the stock of such a feather.

  1. The hollow stemlike main shaft of a feather. Also called calamus.
  2. Any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird.
  3. A writing pen made from the shaft of a feather.
  4. Music A plectrum for a stringed instrument of the clavichord type.
  5. Music A pipe having a hollow stem.
  6. A toothpick made from the stem of a feather.
  7. One of the sharp hollow spines of a porcupine or hedgehog.
  8. A spindle or bobbin around which yarn is wound in weaving.
  9. A hollow shaft that rotates on a solid shaft when gears are engaged.
  10. To wind (thread or yarn) onto a quill.
  11. To make or press small ridges in (fabric).

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× പേന - Pena
× പൊള്ളത്തൂവല്‍ത്തണ്ട്‌ - Pollaththooval‍ththandu | Pollathooval‍thandu
× തൂവല്‍ - തൂവല്‍
× തൂവല്‍ - Thooval‍
× ഇയ്യാങ്കോല് - Iyyaankolu | Iyyankolu
× നൂല്‍ചുറ്റാനുള്ള ചെറുകുഴല്‍ - Nool‍chuttaanulla Cherukuzhal‍ | Nool‍chuttanulla Cherukuzhal‍
× പുല്ലാംകുഴൽ - Pullaamkuzhal | Pullamkuzhal
× തൂലിക - Thoolika
× നൂൽചുറ്റാനുള്ള ചെറുകുഴൽ - Noolchuttaanulla Cherukuzhal | Noolchuttanulla Cherukuzhal
× തൂവല്‍പേന - Thooval‍pena
× പുല്ലാംകുഴല്‍ - Pullaamkuzhal‍ | Pullamkuzhal‍


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