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An answer; a reply.

  1. A fold or a folding back.
  2. A reply to an answer; a rejoinder.
  3. Law The plaintiff's response to the defendant's answer or plea.
  4. An echo or reverberation.
  5. A copy or reproduction.
  6. The act or process of duplicating or reproducing something.
  7. Biology The process by which genetic material, a single-celled organism, or a virus reproduces or makes a copy of itself: replication of DNA.
  8. In scientific research, the repetition of an experiment to confirm findings or to ensure accuracy.

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× ആവർത്തനം - Aavarththanam | avarthanam
× ആവര്‍ത്തനം - Aavar‍ththanam | avar‍thanam
× പകർപ്പുണ്ടാക്കുക - Pakarppundaakkuka | Pakarppundakkuka
× നിറവ് - Niravu
× തനിപ്പകര്‍പ്പുണ്ടാക്കല്‍ - Thanippakar‍ppundaakkal‍ | Thanippakar‍ppundakkal‍


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