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Any affection which accompanies disease; a perceptible change in the body or its functions, which indicates disease, or the kind or phases of disease; as, the causes of disease often lie beyond our sight, but we learn their nature by the symptoms exhibited.

  1. A characteristic sign or indication of the existence of something else: "The affair is a symptom of a global marital disturbance; it is not the disturbance itself” ( Maggie Scarf). See Synonyms at sign.
  2. A sign or an indication of disorder or disease, especially when experienced by an individual as a change from normal function, sensation, or appearance.

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ലക്ഷണങ്ങൾ - Lakshanangal ;അടയാളം - Adayaalam | Adayalam ;പ്രതീകം - Pratheekam ;രോഗലക്ഷണം - Rogalakshanam ;സൂചന - Soochana ;ലക്ഷണം - Lakshanam ;

സഹാനുഭൂതി - Sahaanubhoothi | Sahanubhoothi ;സൂചകം - Soochakam ;അനുകമ്പ - Anukampa ;രോഗസൂചന - Rogasoochana ;രോഗലക്ഷണം - Rogalakshanam ;സഹതാപം - Sahathaapam | Sahathapam ;പരിതാപം - Parithaapam | Parithapam ;രോഗസൂചന - Rogasoochana ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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