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One who, or that which, whisks, or moves with a quick, sweeping motion.

  1. The hair on a man's cheeks and chin.
  2. A single hair of a beard or mustache.
  3. One of the long stiff tactile bristles or hairs that grow near the mouth and elsewhere on the head of most mammals; a vibrissa.
  4. Informal A narrow margin; a hairsbreadth: The candidate lost the election by a whisker.
  5. Nautical One of two spars or booms projecting from the side of a bowsprit for spreading the jib or flying-jib guys.
  6. Chemistry An extremely fine filamentary crystal with extraordinary shear strength and unusual electrical or surface properties.

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× പൂച്ചമീശ - Poochameesha
× കൃതാവ്‌ - Kruthaavu | Kruthavu
× താടിരോമം - Thaadiromam | Thadiromam
× മീശ - Meesha
× മേല്‍മീശ - Mel‍meesha
× ചുഴലിക്കാറ്റ് - Chuzhalikkaattu | Chuzhalikkattu
× കൃതാവ് - Kruthaavu | Kruthavu


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