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A covering for the head, consisting of hair interwoven or united by a kind of network, either in imitation of the natural growth, or in abundant and flowing curls, worn to supply a deficiency of natural hair, or for ornament, or according to traditional usage, as a part of an official or professional dress, the latter especially in England by judges and barristers.

  1. An artificial covering of human or synthetic hair worn on the head for personal adornment, as part of a costume, or to conceal baldness.
  2. To scold or censure.
  3. wig out Slang To make or become wildly excited, enthusiastic, or crazy.

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× പത്നി - Pathni
× വധു - Vadhu
× ഭാര്യ - Bhaarya | Bharya
× വാര്‍മുടി - Vaar‍mudi | Var‍mudi


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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