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A large reptile of the genus Crocodilus, of several species. They grow to the length of sixteen or eighteen feet, and inhabit the large rivers of Africa, Asia, and America. The eggs, laid in the sand, are hatched by the sun's heat. The best known species is that of the Nile (C. vulgaris, or C. Niloticus). The Florida crocodile (C. Americanus) is much less common than the alligator and has longer jaws. The name is also sometimes applied to the species of other related genera, as the gavial and the alligator.

  1. Any of various large aquatic reptiles, chiefly of the genus Crocodylus, native to tropical and subtropical regions and having thick, armorlike skin and long tapering jaws.
  2. A crocodilian reptile, such as an alligator, caiman, or gavial.
  3. Leather made from crocodile skin.

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കുംഭി - Kumbhi
വാര്‍ഭടം - Vaar‍bhadam | Var‍bhadam
താലുജിഹ്വ - Thaalujihva | Thalujihva
നക്രം - Nakram
അസിദന്തം - Asidhantham
ഗ്രാഹകം - Graahakam | Grahakam
സമുദ്രാരു - Samudhraaru | Samudhraru
കിംബരം - Kimbaram
അണ്ഡജം - Andajam
പംഗുഗ്രാഹം - Pamgugraaham | Pamgugraham
ആള്‍പ്പിടിയന്‍ - Aal‍ppidiyan‍ | al‍ppidiyan‍
മുതല - Muthala
കുംഭീരം - Kumbheeram
ഗ്രാഹം - Graaham | Graham
ഗോധ - Godha
ഘണ്ടികം - Ghandikam
പങ്കഗ്രാഹം - Pankagraaham | Pankagraham
മഹാമുഖം - Mahaamukham | Mahamukham
മകരം - Makaram
മുചലി - Muchali
ദീര്‍ഘവച്ഛിക - Dheer‍ghavachchika
ആലാസ്യം - Aalaasyam | alasyam


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