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Either one of two species of South African wild horses remarkable for having the body white or yellowish white, and conspicuously marked with dark brown or brackish bands.

  1. Any of several swift, wild, horselike African mammals of the genus Equus, having distinctive overall markings of alternating white and black or brown stripes.
  2. Any of various striped organisms, such as the zebra butterfly.
  3. A referee in football.

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വരയൻ കുതിര - Varayan Kuthira
വരയന്‍ കുതിര - Varayan‍ Kuthira
ആവേശമുള്ള - Aaveshamulla | aveshamulla
വരയന്‍കുതിര - Varayan‍kuthira
സീബ്ര - സീബ്ര
വരയന്‍ കുതിര - വരയന്‍ കുതിര


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