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The fleshy pome, or fruit, of a rosaceous tree (Pyrus communis), cultivated in many varieties in temperate climates; also, the tree which bears this fruit. See Pear family, below.

  1. A widely cultivated tree (Pyrus communis) in the rose family, having glossy leaves, white flowers grouped in a corymb, and edible fruit.
  2. The fruit of this tree, spherical at the base and tapering toward the stalk.

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പിയര്‍പഴം - Piyar‍pazham
സബര്‍ജന്‍പഴം - Sabar‍jan‍pazham
മഞ്ഞയോ പച്ചയോ ആയ തൊലിയോടു കൂടിയ ഒരു പഴം - Manjayo Pachayo Aaya Tholiyodu Koodiya Oru Pazham | Manjayo Pachayo aya Tholiyodu Koodiya Oru Pazham


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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