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Any one of numerous species of rapacious birds belonging to Vultur, Cathartes, Catharista, and various other genera of the family Vulturidæ.

  1. Any of various large birds of prey of the New World family Cathartidae or of the Old World family Accipitridae, characteristically having dark plumage and a featherless head and neck and generally feeding on carrion.
  2. A person of a rapacious, predatory, or profiteering nature.

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ഗൃദ്ധ്രം - Gruddhram | Grudhram
കഴുകന്‍ - Kazhukan‍
ദുരമുഴുത്തവന്‍ - Dhuramuzhuththavan‍ | Dhuramuzhuthavan‍
അതിഭക്ഷകന്‍ - Athibhakshakan‍
ലോഭി - Lobhi
ആര്‍ത്തിയുള്ളവന്‍ - Aar‍ththiyullavan‍ | ar‍thiyullavan‍


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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