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A variety of dog, of remarkable ferocity, courage, and tenacity of grip; -- so named, probably, from being formerly employed in baiting bulls.

  1. Any of a breed of short-haired dog characterized by a large head, strong square jaws with dewlaps, and a stocky body. It was originally bred for bullbaiting.
  2. A short-barreled, large-caliber revolver or pistol.
  3. A heat-resistant material used to line puddling furnaces.
  4. Chiefly British A proctor's assistant at Oxford University or Cambridge University.
  5. Stubborn.
  6. Western U.S. To throw (a calf or steer) by seizing its horns and twisting its neck until the animal falls.

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ശൂരത്വമുള്ള നായ്‌ - Shoorathvamulla Naayu | Shoorathvamulla Nayu
ഒരു പ്രത്യേകതരം നായ്‌ - Oru Prathyekatharam Naayu | Oru Prathyekatharam Nayu
ശാഠ്യക്കാരനും സാഹസികനുമായ മനുഷ്യന്‍ - Shaadyakkaaranum Saahasikanumaaya Manushyan‍ | Shadyakkaranum Sahasikanumaya Manushyan‍
ബുള്‍നായ്‌ - Bul‍naayu | Bul‍nayu
ബുള്‍ നായ്‌ - Bul‍ Naayu | Bul‍ Nayu


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