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Not tolerable; not capable of being borne or endured; not proper or right to be allowed; insufferable; insupportable; unbearable; as, intolerable pain; intolerable heat or cold; an intolerable burden.

  1. Impossible to tolerate or endure; unbearable: intolerable agony.

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× ദുര്‍ഭര - Dhur‍bhara
× അസഹനീയമായ - Asahaneeyamaaya | Asahaneeyamaya
× അക്ഷന്തവ്യമായ - Akshanthavyamaaya | Akshanthavyamaya
× ദുസ്സഹമായ - Dhussahamaaya | Dhussahamaya
× താങ്ങാന്‍ കഴിയാത്ത - Thaangaan‍ Kazhiyaaththa | Thangan‍ Kazhiyatha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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