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An automobile vehicle or mechanism; esp., a self-propelled vehicle suitable for use on a street or roadway. Automobiles are usually propelled by internal combustion engines (using volatile inflammable liquids, as gasoline or petrol, alcohol, naphtha, etc.), steam engines, or electric motors. The power of the driving motor varies from about 4 to 50 H. P. for ordinary vehicles, ranging from the run- about to the touring car, up to as high as 200 H. P. for specially built racing cars. Automobiles are also commonly, and generally in British usage, called motor cars.

  1. A self-propelled passenger vehicle that usually has four wheels and an internal-combustion engine, used for land transport. Also called motorcar.
  2. Of or relating to automobiles; automotive.

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× തന്നെത്താനെ ഗമിക്കുന്ന ശകടം - Thanneththaane Gamikkunna Shakadam | Thannethane Gamikkunna Shakadam
× മോട്ടോർ വണ്ടി; #തന്നെത്താനെ ഗമിക്കുന്ന ശകടം; #യന്ത്രസഹായത്താൽ സ്വയം ഓടുന്ന വണ്ടി - Mottor Vandi; #thanneththaane Gamikkunna Shakadam; #yanthrasahaayaththaal Svayam Odunna Vandi | Mottor Vandi; #thannethane Gamikkunna Shakadam; #yanthrasahayathal swayam Odunna Vandi
× സ്വയമേവ - Svayameva | swayameva
× യന്ത്രസഹായത്താല്‍ സ്വയം ഓടുന്ന വണ്ടി - Yanthrasahaayaththaal‍ Svayam Odunna Vandi | Yanthrasahayathal‍ swayam Odunna Vandi


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