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That in or on which any person or thing is, or may be, carried, as a coach, carriage, wagon, cart, car, sleigh, bicycle, etc.; a means of conveyance; specifically, a means of conveyance upon land.

  1. A device or structure for transporting persons or things; a conveyance: a space vehicle.
  2. A self-propelled conveyance that runs on tires; a motor vehicle.
  3. A medium through which something is transmitted, expressed, or accomplished: His novels are a vehicle for his political views.
  4. The concrete or specific word or phrase that is applied to the tenor of a metaphor and gives the metaphor its figurative power, as walking shadow in "Life's but a walking shadow” ( Shakespeare).
  5. A play, role, or piece of music used to display the special talents of one performer or company.
  6. A substance of no therapeutic value used to convey an active medicine for administration.
  7. A substance, such as oil, in which paint pigments are mixed for application.

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ധോരണം - Dhoranam ;ചക്രീവാന്‍ - Chakreevaan‍ | Chakreevan‍ ;യാ - Yaa | Ya ;മാധ്യമം - Maadhyamam | Madhyamam ;ആധാരദ്രവ്യം - Aadhaaradhravyam | adharadhravyam ;ഉപാധി - Upaadhi | Upadhi ;

യാനപാത്രം - Yaanapaathram | Yanapathram ;SHAKADAM - Shakadam ;യാനകം - Yaanakam | Yanakam ;വാഹ്യം - Vaahyam | Vahyam ;വഹ്യം - Vahyam ;യാനം - Yaanam | Yanam ;രഥം - Ratham ;വണ്ടി - Vandi ;ശകടം - Shakadam ;ഔഷധാനുപാനം - Aushadhaanupaanam | oushadhanupanam ;വിനീതകം - Vineethakam ;വാഹനം - Vaahanam | Vahanam ;വര്‍ണ്ണമിശ്രദ്രാവകം - Var‍nnamishradhraavakam | Var‍nnamishradhravakam ;സംവേദനഘടകം - Samvedhanaghadakam ;ചകടം - Chakadam ;അംഗണം - Amganam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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