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A sort of wild ox; a buffalo.

  1. Music A brass wind instrument somewhat shorter than a trumpet and lacking keys or valves.
  2. Music To sound a bugle.
  3. To give forth a deep, prolonged sound similar to the bay of a hound.
  4. A tubular glass or plastic bead used to trim clothing.
  5. Any of several creeping Old World herbs of the genus Ajuga in the mint family, having opposite leaves, square stems, and terminal spikes of purplish to white flowers. Also called bugleweed.

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× കൊമ്പ്‌ വാദ്യം - Kompu Vaadhyam | Kompu Vadhyam
× കൊമ്പുവാദ്യം - Kompuvaadhyam | Kompuvadhyam
× കാഹളം - Kaahalam | Kahalam
× കൊമ്പുവാദ്യം - Kompuvaadhyam | Kompuvadhyam
× മൂട്ട - Mootta
× യുദ്ധകാഹളം - Yuddhakaahalam | Yudhakahalam
× രണകാഹളം - Ranakaahalam | Ranakahalam
× കൊമ്പ്‌ വാദ്യം - Kompu Vaadhyam | Kompu Vadhyam


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