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An incorporated town. See 1st Borough.

  1. A hole or tunnel dug in the ground by a small animal, such as a rabbit or mole, for habitation or refuge.
  2. A narrow or snug place.
  3. To dig a hole or tunnel for habitation or refuge.
  4. To live or hide in such a place.
  5. To move or progress by or as if by digging or tunneling: "Suddenly the train is burrowing through the pinewoods” ( William Styron).
  6. To make by or as if by tunneling.
  7. To dig a hole or tunnel in or through.
  8. Archaic To hide in or as if in a burrow.

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× തങ്ങിയിരിക്കാന്‍ മട കുഴിക്കുക - Thangiyirikkaan‍ Mada Kuzhikkuka | Thangiyirikkan‍ Mada Kuzhikkuka
× പൊത്ത്‌ - Poththu | Pothu
× കത്തിക്കുക - Kaththikkuka | Kathikkuka
× പോത് - Pothu
× ബിലം - Bilam
× മട - Mada
× തങ്ങിയിരിക്കാന്‍ മടകുഴിക്കുക - Thangiyirikkaan‍ Madakuzhikkuka | Thangiyirikkan‍ Madakuzhikkuka
× മാളം - Maalam | Malam


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