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Any tube or canal by which a fluid or other substance is conducted or conveyed.

  1. An often enclosed passage or channel for conveying a substance, especially a liquid or gas.
  2. Anatomy A tubular bodily canal or passage, especially one for carrying a glandular secretion: a tear duct.
  3. A tube or pipe for enclosing electrical cables or wires.
  4. To channel through a duct: duct the moist air away.
  5. To supply with ducts.

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ഓവ്‌ - Ovu ;കുഴല്‍ - Kuzhal‍ ;നാളം - Naalam | Nalam ;കുല്യ - Kulya ;ചാല്‍ - Chaal‍ | Chal‍ ;നാഡി - Naadi | Nadi ;

പാത്തി - Paaththi | Pathi ;രക്തനാളം - Rakthanaalam | Rakthanalam ;ചാൽ - Chaal | Chal ;ധമനി - Dhamani ;ചാ - Chaa | Cha ;കുഴൽ - Kuzhal ;ജലക്കുഴല്‍ - Jalakkuzhal‍ ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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