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The science which relates to the prevention, cure, or alleviation of disease.

  1. The science of diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease and other damage to the body or mind.
  2. The branch of this science encompassing treatment by drugs, diet, exercise, and other nonsurgical means.
  3. The practice of medicine.
  4. An agent, such as a drug, used to treat disease or injury.
  5. Something that serves as a remedy or corrective: medicine for rebuilding the economy; measures that were harsh medicine.
  6. Shamanistic practices or beliefs, especially among Native Americans.
  7. Something, such as a ritual practice or sacred object, believed to control natural or supernatural powers or serve as a preventive or remedy.

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× ഭൈഷജ്യം - Bhaishajyam
× വൃശ - Vrusha
× ഔഷധം - Aushadham | oushadham
× ഔഷധവിജ്ഞാനം - Aushadhavijnjaanam | oushadhavijnjanam
× ജൈവാത്യകം - Jaivaathyakam | Jaivathyakam
× വൈദ്യശാസ്ത്രം - Vaidhyashaasthram | Vaidhyashasthram
× ജീവന്തം - Jeevantham
× ഭൈഷജം - Bhaishajam
× അഗദം - Agadham
× ഭേഷജം - Bheshajam
× വൈദ്യശാസ്‌ത്രം - Vaidhyashaasthram | Vaidhyashasthram


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